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Can I work after Retirement?

2017 Issue 4
International Funds

The Fund office receives many requests for information regarding work after retirement. The following information summarizes Plan Rules regarding this type of employment for both the U.S. and Canada Plan participants. Answers to these and other frequently asked questions can be found in the recently published 2016 IPF/IHF Annual Report and on-line at

IPF retirees may work after retirement, but there are important restrictions based on the type of employment, your age, and your income. To be considered retired, the IPF pensioner must separate from covered employment for the entire month their pension starts.

Ages 55-61: Pensioners under the age of 62 will have benefits withheld for any month worked in Disqualifying Employment.

Ages 62-63: Those aged 62 and 63 may work until they have earned $17,040 (the Social Security Earnings Maximum for 2018) and must contact the Fund office when they have earned that sum.

Age 64: There are no earnings limits for those aged 64 or over.

IPF Canada Retirees

To be considered retired, an IPF Canada pensioner must separate from covered employment for the entire month their pension starts. Afterwards a participant may be employed in retirement in any capacity without the suspension of his benefit but with no further pension accrual.

If the participant returns to Covered Employment, he is required to notify the Fund office in writing within 15 days about any such employment undertaken so that appropriate tax reporting can be prepared as it could reduce the amount he is able to contribute to other retirement arrangements.

If you are unsure of the status of an employment type, please contact the Fund office. Those receiving Local Union pension benefits should contact their Local Union regarding work after retirement under Local plan rules.