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Issue 4, 2015


On Paper and Electronically, the IPF/IHF Annual Report Provides Important Updates on IU Benefit Plans

The recently mailed 2014 International Pension Fund/International Health Fund Annual Report features important updates on both the IPF and the IHF. The Report’s theme, “Build, Adapt, Change” echoes that of the 2015 BAC Convention and details advancements made in the Union’s electronic capabilities, including the services offered through the BAC Member Portal. In addition, the Annual Report outlines how Fund participants and retirees can register and access important Fund data “24/7” through the Member Portal. Now, no matter where or when participants need access to IPF or IHF, they can log-in or activate the new BAC app (BACMobile) to find the answers they are looking for. Besides around-the-clock access, those registered for the BAC Member Portal can cut down on mailings and reduce administrative costs by receiving information digitally.      

Get Personal Benefit Information at the BAC Member Portal

The Union’s utilization of information technology is increasing the level of service provided to Fund participants and retirees while reducing costs associated with delivering that service. The Union and its affiliated benefit Funds encourage members to register for the Member Portal. Registration is fast and easy. Once registered, participants can access their work histories, contact information, IPF and IHF plan summaries and forms, the Job Network and check in when travelling for work in other jurisdictions in a secure environment.