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Summer 2006

Growing Participation in Sav-Rx Slows Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs

An increasing number of Local Union health plans are signing up with the Sav-Rx Prescription Drug Program. Launched by the BAC Health Care Task Force in 2004, Sav-Rx is a leading national provider of managed care prescription services. Sav-Rx products and services help groups reduce the overall cost of their health care benefits. If you are a present IHF or affiliated Local health fund participant you’re probably familiar with Sav-Rx.

Reducing the cost of prescription drugs is critical in maintaining quality health care services for health plans and the participants they cover. While the US average per member, per month prescription drug cost has increased 18.1% since April of 2004, the per member per month cost for BAC members and their families participating in Sav-Rx actually decreased by 10.9% over the same period. These savings have added up to nearly $6 million for Sav-Rx’s BAC participating funds.

In addition to cost savings, Sav-Rx provides their participants with a range of reliable services. From mail order prescription services to readily accepted discounts, Sav-Rx gives health plan members the services they need. Here’s a list of what Sav-Rx can do for its participants:

  • Sav-Rx Cards may be used at more than 42,000 pharmacies nationwide.
  • Sav-Rx provides added safety by monitoring for any possible drug interactions.
  • Present your Sav-Rx card to your pharmacist with your initial prescription. Refills may be purchased at the pharmacy or through mail order service.
  • Mail order service is available to members who will be taking a medication for more than 34 days after the third refill of that medication. All regular orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt and mailed First Class.
  • A formulary, the list of medications that a pharmacy regularly stocks, is covered at co-pay amounts.
  • Sav-Rx provides discounts on any prescription drug presently covered by IHF.
  • Sav-Rx uses only generic drugs that are rated by the FDA as being equal to the brand name. If you or your physician chooses a brand name when a generic is available, you will be responsible for the difference in cost.

Local Union health plans and participants not yet enrolled in Sav-Rx should contact IHF toll free at 1-888-880-8222 or see the IHF materials, here at www.ipfihf.org, for more information regarding participation.