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Sav-Rx Support & Implementation Services

When you have determined the best strategy for you and your retirees, Sav-Rx will then assist you in ensuring the smooth implementation of your choice and ensure that on-going data requirements, if any, are met.

Depending on the retiree option that you select, your support needs will vary. The following sections include a break down of the support services we will offer based on the options available. For a full description of the options available, please see the Sav-Rx document titled “Medicare Part D: What it means to Unions, Employers and their Retirees for 2006”.

av-Rx, based on an informal survey, has determined that the following options are the most likely to be selected by our clients:

  • Continue to offer your current, or a slightly modified, benefit to retirees and apply for the Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS).
  • Offer a “Wrap-Around” Supplemental Benefit to your retirees that will wrap around the retiree’s choice of Medicare Part D Plan. Optionally, you may select to pay some, or all, of the retiree’s Medicare Part D premium.
  • Discontinue Coverage of retirees and council retiree’s to enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan. Optionally you can select to pay some, or all, of the retiree’s Medicare Part D premium.

These are displayed in order from most popular to least popular. We have developed specific service packages for each of the above options. The following sections outline each of the Service packages based on retiree option.