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Sav-Rx Evaluation Services

If you have not had an opportunity to evaluate your retiree options Sav-Rx will, free of charge, perform a comprehensive evaluation to assist you in your decision making process. This analysis includes:

  • The data commonly required by actuaries to determine if your plan is actuarially equivalent to the Medicare Part D Plan.
  • A member level summary of retiree total drug cost, retiree patient out-of-pocket amount, and retiree level plan pay amount.
  • An evaluation of the Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) that you may be eligible for, if you select to apply for the RDS.
  • An evaluation of the patient out-of-pocket amount that your retirees would be responsible for if they were covered under the standard Medicare Part D Plan. This includes a comparison between the retiree’s out-of-pocket amount under your benefit and the estimated amount under Medicare Part D that can be used to identify individuals who would be financially better off under a Medicare Part D Plan.

Following the analysis we can review your options and work with you to determine the optimal balance of cost to the group and value to the retirees. Sav-Rx has elected not to apply as a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) in 2006. Therefore, we only have your best interests in mind and the above mentioned evaluation and subsequent support will be based only on your unique requirements and the best interests of your retirees.