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Spring 2009

International Pension Fund Canada Rules on Employment after Retirement

To be considered retired, a pensioner must separate from covered employment for the entire month their pension starts. Afterwards you may be employed in retirement in any capacity without the suspension of your benefit but with no further pension accrual.

If you return to Covered Employment you are required to notify the Fund office in writing within 15 days about any such employment you undertake so that appropriate tax reporting can be prepared as it could reduce the amount you are able to contribute to other retirement arrangements.

Disability Pensioners must notify the Fund office if they recover from their disability. A Disability Pensioner must notify the Fund office in writing within 15 days after the end of the month in which they have any employment. Failure to timely notify the Fund Office may result in the suspension of subsequent benefits. A Disability Pensioner may also return to Covered Employment and resume accrual of Pension Credit and be entitled to a Normal, Early Retirement, or Deferred Vested Pension, unaffected by the prior receipt of a Disability Pension.

These rules are governed by Plan documents. If you are not sure of your status, you may request a ruling from the board of Trustees.