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Provincial Medicare Coverage

Once your reach age 65 the following program is available in your province and you must be enrolled in order to be eligible under the IHF Plan:

Nova Scotia 65 years old and a member of the Nova Scotia Pharmacare


Senior citizens receiving Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) are covered for the cost of drugs only

New Brunswick 65 years or older, registered with New Brunswick Medicare and meet one of the following criteria:

1. receive the GIS or;

2. be a patient in a registered New Brunswick nursing home or;

3. qualify through the Provincial Income test

Prince Edward Island

Provides coverage for approved prescribed drugs for residents age 65 years and older. Seniors are responsible for $7 of the ingredient cost plus the dispensing fee

Alberta Residents age 65 or older. Effective July 1, 1994, seniors pay 30% of the cost of any drug to a maximum of $25 for each drug prescribed

The cost of the Retiree Program in each Province is as follows:

Nova Scotia Under Nova Scotia’s Pharmacare program there is an annual premium of $215 per person


Annual premium nil

New Brunswick Annual premium nil

Prince Edward Island

Annual premium nil

Alberta Annual premium nil