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Local Home Rule

Your health and welfare benefits are determined by your Local contribution rate. If you work in the jurisdiction of more than one local union, your benefit will be based on your "Home Local" determined as follows:

If you work for several employers under different participating local Collective Bargaining Agreements, the benefit level for which you are eligible may change. To limit the frequency of change between benefit levels, the IHF will continue coverage under the benefit level for which you are most consistently covered pursuant to the following "Home Local Rule". Under this rule, changes between benefit levels may only occur on July 1st of each year based on the plan for which the majority of your hours were worked during the past three calendar years. As with all benefits under the IHF, you must continue to work the necessary hours under the Look-Back rules to maintain eligibility under any plan level. The determination of your benefit plan coverage under this rule will be determined each May for coverage effective July 1 through June 30 of the following year.